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18 tracks recorded by Sarah Spencer's Global Ramblers remotely during the global pandemic of 2020-2021.

Formed in 2020, the Global Ramblers consists of a group of world-renowned, top-flight musicians from across the USA and Europe.



  1. Down By The Levee
  2. Bugle Boy March
  3. You've Got To Give Me Some
  4. Kansas City Stomps
  5. Happy Feet
  6. If I Could Be With You One Hour Tonight
  7. Weary Blues
  8. Got A Bran' New Suit
  9. The Devil's Woman
  10. Chicken Ain't Nothing But A Bird
  11. All That I Ask Is Love
  12. Begonia
  13. Crying My Blues Away
  14. Patrol Wagon Blues
  15. Hallelujah! Things Look Rosy Now
  16. If I Didn't Care
  17. If You Knew
  18. Five Months, Two Weeks, Two Days



  • Clint Baker (USA) - trumpet, trombone, banjo, guitar
  • David Clancy (UK) - drums
  • Hal Smith (USA) - drums
  • Hugh Crozier (UK) - piano, vocals
  • Jesper Capion Larsen (Denmark) - clarinet
  • Jim Fryer (USA)  - trombone, vocals
  • Jim Swinnerton (UK) - string bass
  • Jon-Erik Kellso (USA) - trumpet
  • 'Magic' Mike Henry (UK) - trumpet
  • Sarah Spencer - vocal, tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, clarinet

Sarah Spencer's Global Ramblers: The COVID Sessions - Volume 1

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