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Sarah Spencer's Transatlantic Band takes many forms - from a duo to a 7-piece (and maybe more!).
The band's mission statements and brief history is as follows:

Sarah Spencer formed the Transatlantic Band when she lived in the USA and traveled across the USA and the UK with the band from around 1997 until the present day. The Transatlantic Band plays New Orleans music, from the dance halls of New Orleans in the 1920’s, through the New Orleans Revival, to the legendary New Orleans Rhythm and Blues/Rock and Roll performers like Fats Domino and Little Richard.

During the COVID pandemic of 2020-2021, she and Hugh Crozier created around 200 collaboration videos with musicians all across the world, picking tunes that were, generally, out of the ‘standards’ repertoire but which swung and were in keeping with the New Orleans feel. The current version of the Transatlantic Band has incorporated some of those outstanding musicians into its lineup and has boundless energy.

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