Reed Player, Vocalist


You're kidding, right?!?! LOL

Since the start of the pandemic, I've been working with some of the very best musicians all over the world to do our best to keep playing together. I've formed a 'virtual' band called Sarah Spencer's Global Ramblers to do this and we've made a lot of videos. The link to the playlist of all the 'Collaboration Videos" is here:

If you subscribe to that then you will be notified when a new video comes out.

Unfortunately, the technology of things like Skype doesn't allow one to do that effectively so some have discovered this Acapella app. It's like being a session musician on a recording: the first musician lays down their bit (hoping that they can keep time well!), then it's sent to the next person who does their bit, then the next etc. until it's all done. Then there is a bit of balancing (but the tech doesn't allow editing so you guys get the 'unvarnished' truth of what has happened).

We aren't able to respond and work together, musically, like we would on a gig and so it is rather artificial. But it's keeping our musical connection with each other and, hopefully, keeping you a bit entertained with some of the 'live' music you've been missing. Each track, especially with multiple musicans and time zone issues, takes a long time to do... but it's keeping a bunch of us busy.

We hope you enjoy our offerings and we look forward to seeing you all again... when we're allowed to.



I'm delighted to be embarking on a new venture in a quartet with Peter Leonard, John Stuart and Marc Easener - look out for Red, Hot and Blue.

In addition, I've now got a regular Thursday lunchtime gig as part of Sugarfoot Strut at the Morden Arms in Greenwich (London).